About Us


The Electric Company Charitable Foundation is committed to making transformative investments in the communities we serve to help this region thrive and foster a culture of empowerment for future generations.


The Electric Company Charitable Foundation will be a powerful partner in enhancing the vitality and growth in our region. The ECC Foundation will support area nonprofit organizations classified as 501(c)(3) whose mission or project align with one of our three giving priorities: Education, Economic Development, and Environmental Stewardship.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors does more than govern the ECC Foundation – they empower nonprofits and help them reach their goals. In addition to being proud El Paso Electric employees from Texas and New Mexico, the Board is responsible for reviewing applications and making final grant decisions. Each board member contributes their unique knowledge and expertise to the direction of the ECC Foundation’s mission.

Robert Almanzán, Sr.
Michelle Pedroza
Abel Bustillos
Hillary Foster
Sondra Santaella
Nikki Donegan
Jennifer Ortiz
Derek Grimes
Susi Barron

Richard Ostberg


Giving Priorities - The Electric Company Charitable (ECC) Foundation will focus on supporting three giving priorities:



Bolster the development of innovative educational initiatives and STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) programs.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Support projects that empower the business landscape with job development, retention, and growth.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Focus on works that reflect the conservation, improvement, and education of environmental sustainability.

Volunteers On Location To Serve
Volunteers On Location To Serve


Volunteers On Location To Serve

With deep roots in our region, El Paso Electric employees are dedicated to serving their community both during and outside of their work. The wide array of skills and knowledge help VOLTS make an impact in our region throughout the year.


In 2022, VOLTS shared their time and talent for a total of 10,890 hours meeting and exceeding our annual goal. This year, our goal is 13,000 hours of service to our community.



You can download a copy of the complete guidelines here.


The Electric Company Charitable Foundation has two deadlines in 2023.


Application period is
Jan. – Mar. 31, 2023


Application period is
Apr. 1 – Jun. 31


Application period is
Jul. 1 – Sept. 30

Application deadlines for 2023 are May 5 and September 29.

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